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The popularity of Sustainable design in construction has caused the concept of Living walls to explode. As you look at some of our featured projects you will see why living wall systems are catching in the South Western States.  The walls offer spectacular beauty, recycle water, offer insulation value, they are low maintenance along with improving air quality. The idea has been growing in Europe for years.

Bella Builders founder Vinny Fazzino has spent considerable time in studying the systems that work and are sustainable, and then testing that until fine tuned.  We have taken this technology and incorporated into our ecosystem to establish a variety of sustainable walls.  Whether it is succulents, natives or a variety of other species, we are one of the leading firms in North America with this technology.

Every system is custom engineered and esthetically designed for each specific wall on every project. The walls can be installed inside and outside. There is no limit to height or width on these walls. We can make free standing and two sides.

We are currently working on designing vertical gardens and roof gardens which we see to be the wave of the future.

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